How does Aquatech reduce my water bill?
The Aquatech valve creates a negative pressure in the water line for a distance of up to 100 yards before the meter. This negative pressure compresses all the air bubbles before they reach the meter. This is important because the meter doesn’t know the difference between air and water, meaning that you are currently paying for air in your water line. The compression ensures that 99% of what you are paying for is actual liquid water.
Does the Aquatech valve affect my water pressure?
The change in water pressure is extremely low, between 1% and 3%
What if my property has very low water pressure, will Aquatech still be able to help me?
Yes! We do an analysis on your water pressure and customize a solution that will provide the greatest benefit to your business.
What is the average time to realize an ROI?
All properties experience slightly different ROI times depending on usage and the amount of air in your lines. On average, most customers see an ROI within 6 to 12 months.
How much can I really save with the Aquatech valve?
On average, customers realize an immediate 18%-33% savings on their yearly water bills. The highest we have seen is 40% and the lowest was 10%.
Does the Aquatech Device have a warranty?
Yes, Aquatech offers a limited 10-year warranty on all products. Please contact your sales representative for additional details.
Is any maintenance required on the Aquatech valve?
No, maintenance is never required on the Aquatech valve. The construction is solid 316 surgical stainless steel. This material is corrosion resistant and doesn’t fray.
Can my plumber handle the installation of the Aquatech valve?
Installation is very simple and straightforward. Any plumber can learn to install the device in a matter of minutes.
What is the Aquatech valve made of?
Aquatech’s valve is made of 100% 316 surgical steel.
How long does installation take?
On average, installations are about 30 minutes to an hour.
How do I find out if Aquatech is right for me?

Contact our sales team, and we will have the property water pressure measured. Once we are certain we can help, we ensure that the main water line has an elbow with access for installation.