Our proprietary water valve is made from 100% solid 316 Stainless Steel which is surgical grade and is guaranteed not to shave off or let off any contaminants. Our valves are individually made on specialized equipment that hollows out solid steel rods and stamps components. Final assembly and testing are completed by highly trained staff that independently verify proper function and measure the finalized depths and widths to ensure they are in line with tolerance levels.
Our water valve gives you the peace of mind that you are actually paying for just the water you are using.

The water valve compresses air bubbles that occur within our water systems to ensure that the volume passing through the water meter is virtually 100% water—eliminating wasteful spending. The device also regulates water flow making pressures consistent throughout the day regardless if it is a peak usage time or not.

Our Product

Aquatech water device is installed on the property side of your water meter, it creates a negative pressure zone in the water line that compresses air bubbles prior to passing through the meter. This results in instant savings in water consumption by ensuring that the total volume being rated by the meter is over 99% liquid water.

Most commercial water lines contain between 12% and 32% air by volume

These air bubbles are created by water pumps that are tasked with delivering water to your property from the water plant

Our valve works by creating a barrier that requires a certain pressure to allow the liquid to pass. The buildup of pressure causes air bubbles to contract leading to the elimination of wasteful spending. This pressure buildup also immediately regulates flow rates of water at your property to ensure consistency regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

In most cases, the valve can be installed in under an hour by a plumbing professional with no prior training or experience. This limits downtime of the water system and makes it feasible for installation during an off-peak time. Our team is making it our mission to distribute our technology and therefore savings in an effort to make our valve a necessary part of doing business. In the end, there is one simple question to ask: why pay for air?

316 Stainless Steel
The addition of molybdenum* and a slightly higher nickel content makes 316 Stainless Steel suitable for architectural applications in severe conditions, from marine environments to areas with sub-zero temperatures. It’s very effective in acidic environments and highly corrosion-resistance.

(*) Molybdenum is a chemical element used for the strengthening and hardening of steel.